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Installation Art


Individual Project


Maya, Rhino, V-ray, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects


Aug 2019 - Oct 2019

City Shadow Play

Encouraging participants express themselves bravely | Working with Manual Cinema and Broadway Asia

In this startling animation of “Poem” two lives unfold in split screen, one during the tumultuous world events of 1968, the other 50 years later against a new landscape of uncertainty and ever-present digital technology.

Under this inspiration, worked with Manual Cinema and Broadway Asia, I designed a "shadow puppet" device with inflatable materials. Participants could make actions inside the device and use the spotlights to project shadows on the curtains on both sides, so that people in the pedestrian road could indirectly see the expressions. Many vulnerable groups that were often discriminated against for gender or sexual orientation participated.


Pedestrians on both sides of the road can watch the shadows and physical expressions of participants on the screen, so they can choose whether to participate in the device or to respond to the participants' expressions.


Participants can go to different units inside the device to perform physical expressions, and indirectly display information to pedestrians on both pedestrian roads of the device, so as to gain social attention.

Effect 1 - Scale Change

Depending on the distance between the participants and the spotlight, the scale of the shadow cast on the screen will also change. When children moving through it, as if they grew up overnight, and time passed away quietly.

Effect 2 - Waiting Station

This inflatable device also has the function of a waiting station, providing temporary shelter for pedestrians late at night or rainy days, and projecting pedestrians' actions onto the screen, providing a warm scene for viewers on both sides.

Effect 3 - Social Voice

The main purpose of this design is to allow participants to express themselves without restriction and speak up for their rights, whether they are sexual minorities, campus bullying victims, they can express themselves here freely.


The design takes into account the direction of the two flows of pedestrians and participants. The circulation of pedestrians is placed on both sides of the device, and they can freely pass through or enter the device to participate in activities, and the participants are divided into different spaces by inflatable columns to perform different physical expressions.


The device is constructed with inflatable materials, and solar panels are placed on the top to supply electricity for spotlights throughout the day. At the same time, the light in each unit space is composed of countless light-emitting units.

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