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3D Modeling, Architectural Design


Individual Project


Rhino, Sketch Up, V-ray, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Jul 2018 - Oct 2018

Wild Growth

Bringing new thinking perspective to the relationship between children and society.

After thousands of years of development, Chinese educational history has been restricted by the current examination-oriented education. In order to break this order, the new education center was reconstructed by comparing the problem of the old site. Through the intervention of Metasequoia forest and community, it brings new thinking Perspective to the relationship between children and society.

Rendering Vignettes

The society and children are separated vertically, and they can connect by trees. There is a subtle relationship between children and society, which children can perceive everything happens on the bottom of the building, and adults can watch children do.

Site & Educational Development Analysis

The site of the Education Centre was relocated to the Metasequoia forest near the community A because of the expansion of the community B. In addition, through the analysis of educational development, the design goal and concept were clearer.

Problems & Strategies Definition

In order to further break the hierarchy of building blocks, add another system of special-shaped blocks, so as to further break the order. Joining community functions, such as cinemas, makes the classroom of the education center vertically connected with society.

Surrounding Situation Analysis

By connecting the central park, metasequoia forest and community at the bottom of the building, the basic layout of the ground floor is formed. At the same time, in order to give free space for trees to grow, a decentralized layout is adopted at the top of the building.

Design Formation Process

Through divide the site axis, connect leisure space, add the special-shaped blocks, arrange the classroom units around trees and add vertical traffic and activity units, the design process is determined.

Educational Space System

The Children Educational Center is divided into four parts with different openness, and with various activities. Such as in the top floor, there are all platforms, which can load different educational activity topics.

Bottom Space - Society

The bottom space represents the society with relative loose space layout, and people can purchase things or have a coffee over here. At the same time, parents can wait their children until the class is finished.

Top Space - Children

The top space of this building represents the children word. Different from traditional educational center, the classrooms are scattered in the trees, which in order to create a free and natural studying environment.

Section Perspective

This project is mean to break current rigid educational system, and let children have a more humane studying environment. In addition, through the connection of trees, provides a more innovative way to think the method of teaching.

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