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Jiazhi (Zeke) Han, Product Manager

Data-Driven, Innovation-Motivated, Detail-Oriented

Humanizing the product that solve users people and business problems

Currently @Branch. Previously @Nutanix, @Beaba, @Tencent, @Xiaohongshu, @Berlin Partner.

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Hi, I'm Zeke, a product manager committing to transforming thorny product problems into feasible solutions using data analysis, market insight and rapid prototyping.




Web Application |  Building API connection process and user onboarding experience of seamless licensing

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Mobile App  |  At SportsBud, we believe that exercising should be inclusive, fun and wholesome.



Mobile App  |  Optimizing recommended content based on algorithms to promote users to explore the wonderful world.


WeChat | Channels

Mobile App  |  Building the inclusive short video community to let you record the real life at any time.

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Amazon | Prime Wardrobe Redesign

Web Design  |  Improving the Prime Wardrobe shopping service on Amazon website.

Beaba | Alpha Beat Cancer

Mobile Game  |  Creating Multiple Mini Games, Reward System and Immune Final Challenge in Alpha Beat Cancer


Berlin Partner | TMS

Web Design  |  Building Transportation Management System within Smart City

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Oregon DMV | Real ID Appointment

Mobile web  |  Redesigning the Real ID appointment process of Oregon DMV


Mobile App  |  Empowering users Interact with museums and integrating Events, Virtual tour and other functions

Ants VS Bees

Computer Programming  |  Completing by Python, Schema, and SQL

Manual Cinema | City Shadow Play

Installation Art  |  Encouraging users express themselves bravely

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