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3D Modeling, Architectural Design


Individual Project


Rhino, Sketch Up, V-ray, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Feb 2019 - May 2019

Glory Wharf

Making the depressed wharf restore its glory.

The location of this graduation project is near Yantai Mountain Scenic Area, Yantai City. In recent years, the urban construction of Yantai has faced dual pressures from the protection of historical and cultural cities and the renewal of the old city. It is urgent to solve the “complexity” and “contradictions” of the city.

Axonometric Exploded Diagram

Taipingwan Wharf retains the mark of many historical events in China, but has formed contradictions with modernization. The purpose of to complete the urban planning and fishery market design of the site.

Site Typological Integration

At the beginning of this design, I sorted out the various building types based on the time and space layout, and reorganized the typological information of the local site.

Urban Strategy

Through sorting out the road system and parking distribution, removing obstructions, adding new functional space, identifying public and vegetation spatial nodes, the urban strategy is clearer.

Fishery Market Design Process

Taking into account the contradiction between traditional fishery trading and modern commerce, layered strategies are used to superimpose and reorganize, so that the community, free market, commerce, and dock space are integrated and redefined.

Stratification & Typological Classification

On the basis of urban planning, the design of the fishing market is carried out. At the same time, by analyzing through typological method, determine the specific function and space forms.

Typological Classification

To retain the imprint of history and produce multiple collisions in new spatial and diachronic dimensions, it must deploy design strategy of Vertical Stratification. 

3D Modeling

By 3d modeling, on the one hand, adjust the design details and space shapes continuously, and optimize the ‘collision' points in the site. On the other hand, emphasize the design logic through using different rendering materials.

Scene Rendering

Based on the urban typology, the urban and architectural glorify of Taipingwan Wharf is restored through the strategy of architectural stratification, which restore the glory of wharf and fishery market.

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